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The Seven Solemn Tolls

The Meaning Of The Honor Bell’s Seven Tolls

During every veteran’s funeral or memorial service, the Bell Guard solemnly tolls the Honor Bell seven times, with seven seconds of silence between each toll. Each toll signifies a distinct stage in a veteran’s life, conveying specific meanings:

Toll One: The Choice to Serve

The Choice to Serve symbolizes the veteran's readiness to sacrifice their life for their country—a dedication that only a few are chosen for.

Toll Two: Camaraderie

Camaraderie represents the bonds of friendship, family ties, and unity unite all service members.

Toll Three: Patriotism

Patriotism symbolizes the veteran's pride in their country, a commitment to defend it, and the happiness in cherishing the freedoms protected by our Constitution.

Toll Four: Respect

Respect embodies the reverence bestowed upon a veteran by their community, earned through their service and rightfully honored by us.

Toll Five: Dignity

Dignity symbolizes the respectful treatment that a veteran's community accords to their fallen hero.

Toll Six: Honor

Honor signifies the respect owed to a deceased veteran by their fellow service members and community.

Toll Seven: The Value of Life

The Value of Life embodies the ultimate sacrifice made by the veteran. Whether lost in combat or after years of dedicated service, the worth of a veteran cannot be fully expressed in words.