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Veterans Outreach

Veterans Outreach Program

The Honor Bell does more than serve as a meaningful symbol of respect for our nation’s fallen service members. It also brings veterans from all eras of service and all walks of life together in common purpose. As our founding member, Louis Olivera said:

“Since leaving the Army 25 years ago, I realize I feel best when I’m interacting with fellow veterans. That camaraderie is felt again when I work as a team to honor those that served as I did.”

The Bell Guard gives vets an opportunity to come together and serve both their fellow service members and their community.

Get Involved

If you would like to be a part of this special team, please get in touch by filling out a short form. We would be honored to have you serve with the Bell Guard.

Honor Bell Foundation welcomes non-veteran volunteers as well. We are currently seeking highly motivated Patriots to serve with us on the planning committee along with individuals who are skilled in photography, videography, marketing and graphic design, please get in touch.

The Bell Guard: Stewards of Respect

In the spirit of cooperation towards a common goal, an elite corps of volunteers known as the Bell Guard is open to all veterans and active-duty service members — including members of other Veterans Service Organizations. The Guard escorts the Honor Bell to and from interment services. The bell is tolled seven times in final honor and tribute, known as “Rendering Bell Honors.” The Bell Guard also participates at education events and public events featuring the Bell. During funeral and memorial services, the Guard will wear foundation-provided uniforms to ensure the dignity and respect of the ceremony. Dignity, Honor and Respect are the three tenets of the Bell Guard. The Guard carries itself with quiet professionalism at all times.

Volunteers are veterans from all branches of service, including the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy.

Join Us For A Tolling

There is no mandatory time commitment to become a Bell Guard; there are opportunities for those who can only volunteer on evenings or weekends as well.

If you are a veteran, we invite you to join us for a tolling; it’s an experience you will never forget.

The Guard Is Composed Of Tolling Parties, Each With Three Members:


The Belladier is tasked with tolling the bell and ensuring that Bell Honors are rendered with utmost dignity, honor, and respect.

Bell Sentinel

To uphold the sacred purpose of The Honor Bell, the Bell Sentinel will ensure that it remains untouched by un-gloved hands and is not rung or tolled except for the specific purpose of rendering Bell Honors, which will be done solely by the Belladier.

Bell Major

The Bell Major plays a crucial role in the successful rendering of Bell Honors. Throughout the tolling ceremony, they serve as the eyes and ears of the Belladier, working closely with Military Honor Details, Funeral Directors, and the next of kin.