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The Bell Honor Guard is open to all veterans, including members of Veterans Service Organizations, and to active-duty servicemembers.
If you are not a veteran and would like to volunteer with us for non-Bell Guard positions, you can! Please contact us here.

The Role Of Bell Guard

The Bell Guard toll the Honor Bell in final tribute to their brothers and sisters at funeral services. Becoming a member of the Bell Guard allows veterans from all branches of service, generations, and conflicts to work together toward a common goal.

The Bell Guard protects, maintains, and operates the Honor Bell at veteran funerals and memorials. The Guard also participates at education venues and other activities featuring the bell. A Tolling Party, made up of three Guard members, comprises the escort and operational detail for Bell Honors missions.

The Tolling Members

  • A Belladier tolls the bell. He or she is responsible for rendering Bell Honors and seeing that it is completed with dignity, honor, and respect. The Belladier takes commands from the Bell Major.

  • The Bell Sentinel stands at the ready to safeguard the Honor Bell, ensuring that the bell is not touched by un-gloved hands, and that it is not tolled except to render Bell Honors by the Belladier.

  • The Bell Major marks the time for each toll by the Belladier, using a mace to count out each toll at a specific tempo and volume. They take their cue to toll the bell from the Bell Liaison, who is present with the family at the committal shelter, and initiates the command to toll the bell through the Bell Major.

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What to Expect:

The Honor Bell tolls every weekday, between two and eight times daily, primarily at Fort Logan National Cemetery in South Denver. As awareness continues to grow, we anticipate the number of Bell Honors to increase. The Honor Bell is also tolled at group memorial services, and public events on the weekends, on average twice a month. Our schedule and calendar of Bell Honors missions is posted on this TeamUp page. There, you can view upcoming missions, sign up online for bell guard duty, and receive reminders for those services.

Veteran volunteers are welcome to serve in a Tolling Party based on your availability and the bell’s schedule. The Honor Bell Foundation provides Tolling Parties with uniform elements and transportation within the cemetery. You will be responsible for transportation to Fort Logan on days you volunteer, as well as a basic white button-down shirt, black pants, and shoes. Once you sign up, we will be happy to discuss more details with you. Thank you for considering donating your time. 

Volunteer To Serve For Specific Dates And Times Here

If you are already signed up as a member of the Bell Guard you can review available Bell Honors dates and times and volunteer for specific ones here.

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