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Sponsor Bell Honors

Pay It Forward: Sponsor Bell Honors

The Honor Bell tolls at veteran funerals and memorials at no cost, honoring the service and sacrifice of our military members. This recognition is deeply valued by their families, fellow service members, and the community.

Our all-veteran, all-volunteer Bell Guard performs Bell Honors every day, regardless of the weather. They rely on the support of individuals and organizations like yours to ensure these honors continue. From outfitting the Bell Guard with uniforms to maintaining the Bell Transport Vehicle housing the Honor Bell, tolling requires resources.

Sponsor Tolling Program

The Honor Bell Tolling Sponsor Program enables individuals or organizations to sponsor tollings, spanning from a single funeral or memorial service to a full week of Bell Honors operations. This initiative supports our mission by ensuring our volunteers can keep tolling the Honor Bell in honor of our veterans after they pass.

It is a distinctive chance to acknowledge the contributions of veterans within your organization and offer them the opportunity to participate in a meaningful experience if they wish.

Sound Your Support Today By Becoming A Bell Honors Sponsor

Sponsors will have the opportunity to toll the Honor Bell at a service — either themselves, if they are a veteran, or any veteran from their organization. That veteran will receive a commemorative challenge coin, as will the sponsoring organization, along with a certificate of recognition.

You can sponsor one service member’s Bell Honors for $50, a day of Bell Honors for $250, or a week’s tollings for $500.

If you have any questions please contact us at or 720.282.9182