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The Logo

About The Honor Bell Logo

The visual identity of the Honor Bell Foundation reflects the value and respect brought to the military and first responder communities by The Honor Bell. The logo utilizes several visual symbols associated with military service, in a subdued fashion. It evokes a sense of honor, respect, professionalism, and solemn dignity.

We Reserve The Rights

The Honor Bell Logo is a registered trademark of Honor Bell Foundation, Inc. Partner organizations and media can contact the Foundation for permission to use the logo and request logo files for reproduction.

The Elements Of The Honor Bell Logo

Stars, which evoke our nation's flag, the seven stars symbolize the number of tolls performed during the Bell Honors ceremony,

A gold star, signifying both active duty service members killed in action and reflecting the value of the life that was given;

The stars' arrangement in a circle symbolizes the community that gathers to support those affected by loss;

Gray represents sorrow, and a shows respect for the family and others who are taking part in the service;

Gray also represents the dignity and professionalism the Foundation holds its volunteers to, and expects them to emulate;

Purple represents those who were injured or killed in the line of duty; and white symbolizes the purity of their sacrifice.