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Do you have a family member who served in the military? Do you have a Grandfather who served in WWII, an uncle who was in Korea, a mom or dad who served during Vietnam? Maybe your brother was in the the War on Terror, or you had a friend that was never in a conflict, but served their country honorably as a member of our armed services?

The legacy of Colorado’s military heritage will live on in the Honor Bell. When the Bell is cast, we will place military badges, medals, and dog tags from every branch of service into the molten bronze, making the Bell truly “forged from honor.” We have secured the donation of the first two artifacts to be cast into the Honor Bell: a Special Forces Crest and Combat Infantryman’s Badge from an Operation Enduring Freedom soldier.

We are asking for your help in locating appropriate artifacts for inclusion into the Honor Bell. The artifacts should represent all branches of our nation’s military and come from deceased Colorado, Wyoming, or Utah service members. We would be honored to include items from any service member, from any conflict, in the Honor Bell. If you have an artifact to donate, please fill out this short form and we will contact you. Thanks for helping to make the Honor Bell reflect our nation’s pride in its heroes.

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