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US Army Corporal Donald “Whitey” Dorn, US Army was recently given Bell Honors as part of his interment at Fort Logan National Cemetery late last month. The bell’s seven solemn tolls echoed through the trees and off the headstones at Fort Logan National Cemetery in Denver, showing respect and remembrance for the service and sacrifices that Corporal Dorn made as part of our nation’s armed forces.

“Dad was extremely quiet about his time in the Army,” wrote Dorn’s daughter, Dena. “Should someone talk about Korea or bring pictures he would share a story here and there. He wouldn’t boast but a person could sure tell he was proud for serving his country. He showed his honor to his country by living his life serving his family, friends, and people he would just meet with commitment and dedication. It showed in his family, his work, and in his play; the way he would help people any way he could; the way he gave everything he had to this life.

“Knowing the bell was forged from honor for the people who fought to defend our communities, families, and way of life; it truly meant the world to us knowing it was there to honor the man we saw defend and take care of people our whole lives. Add the Honor Bell to taps and the 21 gun salute and there is no greater way we could possibly think to tribute Dad; our own fallen warrior. A secondary special addition was having my nephew and grandpa, veterans, able to ring the bell for him.”

Dena goes on to thank the Bell Guards who volunteer their time to honor their own. “It truly means the world to us to honor someone we loved so much in such a meaningful way.”

On today, Veterans Day, we honor all those who have served. Thank you to the men and women like Whitey Dorn who helped, and continue to help, make our country what it is.

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