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As the pandemic continues, communities have come together to meet the challenges that we face. Despite all that has happened, The Honor Bell has continued to toll for our departed heroes. In fact, the Honor Bell is set to toll for its 3,000th veteran in early 2021. We’re challenging you to help us raise at least $2,500 to keep the bell tolling.

We know that things are tight. The pandemic is impacting all of the people we serve: from the families of veterans for whom we toll, to the dedicated veteran volunteers who render Bell Honors, to the staff both here at the Foundation and at Fort Logan National Cemetery, where we perform most of our functions.

Despite all of this, we continue with our mission. Military funerals are taking place on a daily basis, and we are performing more Bell Honors missions this December and January than we ever have before. Because our veterans and their families need us to keep going, we are asking for your support. Every one-time or recurring donation goes directly to making sure the Honor Bell is there to toll for every veteran whose family wants it, at no cost to them. We believe that every veteran deserves to be recognized with dignity, honor, and respect — and the Honor Bell tolls to that purpose, every day.

We’re aiming to raise at least $2,500 this month to help keep the bell tolling for those who have served and sacrificed so much for our country. Please give today.

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