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An elite corps of volunteers known as the Bell Honor Guard is now open to all veteran volunteers and members of Colorado’s Veterans Service Organizations. The Bell Guard will toll the Honor Bell in final tribute to their brothers and sisters at funeral services. Becoming a member of the Bell Guard allows veterans from all branches of service, generations, and conflicts to work together toward a common goal.

“Since leaving the Army 25 years ago, I realize I feel best when I’m interacting with fellow veterans. That camaraderie is felt again when I work as a team to honor those that severed as I did.” –Lou Olivera

Working as a true team, the Bell Guard will be composed of several tolling parties, each with three members: the Belladier, the Bell Guard, and the Bell Major. The Belladier is responsible for rendering Bell Honors (tolling the Honor Bell seven times) and seeing that it is completed with dignity, honor and respect. In order to protect and preserve the sacrosanct purpose for which The Honor Bell was enshrined, the Bell Guard will stand at the ready to ensure that the Bell is not tolled except to render Bell Honors, and then only by the Belladier. The Bell Major is extremely important for successfully rendering Bell Honors: from the beginning to the completion of the tolling ceremony he or she is the eyes and ears of the Belladier. Using hand and arm signals, he or she will control the cadence, volume, and number of tolls to create a successful Bell Honors ceremony.

“The veterans we are burying today are made up of that small portion of the population who served their country with commitment and dedication. The Bell Honor Guard affords me the opportunity to recognize and honor their service.” –Bob Dawes

If you are a veteran —or know a veteran— looking for a way to help your fellow service members or give back to your community, we would love to have you join our team. Time commitments are expected to range from one to two days per month. All services will be held at Ft. Logan National Cemetery in the south Denver Metro Area.


If you would like to be a part of this special team, please get in touch by filling out this short form, or by emailing We would be honored to have you serve as one of the very first members of the Bell Honor Guard.

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