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We have raised $47,000 of the $57,000 needed. We are so close!

For generations, America has honored its veterans when they are laid to rest. We are continuing that mission with the Honor Bell, which will be tolled in tribute to those who have served and sacrificed for our nation by their fellow veterans.

We need your help to make the Honor Bell a reality. While we have received generous support from foundations and individuals just like you, we still need $10,000 to cast the Honor Bell in May of 2016. Whether it’s $25, $50, $100, or more, your contribution will ensure that a thousand pounds of bronze gets cast into a bell that will resonate with dignity, honor, and respect for our vets.

The Honor Bell will be cast out of bronze by one of the country’s oldest and most respected foundries, Verdin Company, in early May of next year. Artifacts from deceased Colorado veterans will be placed into the molten metal to symbolize the dedication and service to which all our military service members have committed. The Bell will then be brought back to Colorado under the care of the Bell Honor Guard, and dedicated at Ft. Logan National Cemetery on Memorial Day.

Without you, the Honor Bell will not toll. We need your support to make it happen.

100% of donations received will be dedicated to the casting of the Honor Bell. Make your donation today.

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