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There are lots of ways to help our mission of honoring and supporting veterans. You can use the RoundUp App, and have your credit card purchases rounded up to the nearest dollar—which goes to the Honor Bell Foundation. You can set up a recurring donation. And you can always make a single donation on our site.

The RoundUp App is easy to use. Go here to sign up (or download the Android or iPhone apps), and you’re set! Every purchase you make with your selected credit card will be rounded up to the nearest dollar. The amount rounded up will be automatically donated to the Honor Bell Foundation. There’s nothing more you need to do; it happens automatically!

Just five or ten dollars donated each month as a recurring gift can make a huge difference in the lives of vets and their families — and it’s easy to do: just click here or on the Recurring Donation form on our donation page. Then select an amount that you want to give each month to support our mission to provide a dignified, final honor for our nation’s heroes. A simple form takes care of the payment process, right from our site. 

Our online donation page lets you make a one-time donation to the Foundation. Links to recurring and RoundUp donation options are also there.

If you’ve been meaning to give, it’s easier than ever. Thanks for your support!

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