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Contract for Casting of the Honor Bell is Signed


Earlier this month, Honor Bell Foundation staff traveled to Cincinnati, Ohio, to sign a contract with Verdin Company to commission the casting of our first Honor Bell. Foundation Executive Director Lou Olivera and Verdin Company President Jim Verdin did the honors, signing the contract documents in front of the massive furnace that will pour the thousand pounds of bronze—including the artifacts from Colorado’s veterans—into the bell’s mold.

“Signing this contract with Verdin brings us one step closer to realizing our vision for the Honor Bell,” said Olivera. “It shows our commitment to honor Colorado’s veterans and to those who are supporting us in this mission.”  The Honor Bell will be cast at Verdin’s foundry along the Ohio River in May 2016. Verdin has been manufacturing bells in America for over 170 years and is the only foundry in the country that can cast a bell as large as the 1,000-pound Honor Bell.

The next steps in fabrication are completing the bell design, acquiring donated artifacts from the families of deceased Colorado veterans, finalizing the schedule for the artifacts’ transport to Verdin, the casting and finishing of the bell,  and tour of the finished Bell back to Colorado for its dedication on Memorial Day.

Verdin HQ
The sign outside Verdin's Headquarters.
Verdin and the Legacy
Verdin Company president Jim Verdin shows Lou Olivera some of the faces behind the Verdin legacy.
Reviewing the Details
Verdin Company President Jim Verdin and Honor Bell Foundation Executive Director review plans for the Honor Bell, during the Foundation's visit to Verdin in November 2015.
The Honor Bell staff was lucky enough to witness the casting of several bells during their visit to Verdin Bell.
In the workshop
Olivera and Verdin talk with one of the many talented craftsmen at the Verdin workshop and foundry.
HBF executive director Lou Olivera holds a bronze ingot, one of many used in the casting of each bell.
A handshake and a pen
foundation Executive Director Lou Olivera presents Verdin President Jim Verdin with a commemorative pen made by Junior's Bullet Pens.
Viewing the casting
HBF and Verdin staff witness a bell casting in Verdin's foundry.
Touring the foundry
HBF Chief of Staff Michelle Mallin, Verdin President Jim Verdin, and HBF Executive Director Lou Olivera tour Verdin's foundry prior to witnessing a bell casting.
A (nearly) finished bell
HBF Executive Director Lou Olivera touches a bronze bell similar in size to that planned for the Honor Bell, in Verdin's foundry. This bell has yet to have a final polish and engraving performed.
Made in America
We're proud to have our bell cast right here in America, right next to the Ohio River in Cincinnati.
Lou and a Very Large Bell
This is a little larger than the bell we will be casting...
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