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At thirteen, Chris Boyer saw news footage of the Marine barracks in Lebanon being bombed, and knew he was going to join the Marines. Coming from a family with a tradition of military service — his grandfather served in World War 2, his dad a two-tour Vietnam Marine veteran — he became the third generation in his family to serve, volunteering when he was 19. Boyer served in the First Gulf War as a Marine Artillery Cannoneer, his small unit being the first to engage enemy forces in ground combat during the first of several unconventional artillery raids. His unit, Fox Battery 2/12, will be inducted in to the National Marine Corps Museum for their actions in Operation Desert Storm. After being honorably discharged, Chris spent the next 25 years in auto sales and finance. He considers his crowning achievements to be raising his daughter, as a single father. Chris is an avid outdoorsman, backpacking and skiing throughout the state. He also spends time working with dogs, playing guitar, cooking, public speaking, volunteering, and being a grandfather. Having his own struggles with PTSD, Chris now has an amazing service dog named Noodle. In addition to family, Chris’s focus and mission in life is to help and mentor his fellow vets one-on-one, and by working with a variety of veterans organizations. He is honored to be a part of the Honor Bell Foundation.

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