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On Friday, October 21st, the Honor Bell tolled for its 100th time for 84 year-old Corporal Donald “Whitey” Dorn, US Army. The bell’s seven solemn tolls echoed through the trees and off the headstones at Fort Logan National Cemetery in Denver. This show of respect and remembrance is a daily occurrence for the service and sacrifice of our nation’s military service-members.

“We are humbled to have met this important milestone in the growth of the foundation.” said Honor Bell Foundation Executive Director Lou Olivera. “Since we began tolling the bell at funerals and memorials earlier this summer, we have met so many great families who were willing to share these special moments with us and allow us to show the gratitude of our brothers and sisters who have passed.”

The Honor Bell performs an average of two to three Bell Honors missions every day at Fort Logan. These missions are staffed by veteran volunteers, known as the Bell Guard. If you are a veteran, you can volunteer for the Bell Guard here.

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